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Being a family-owned company influences the way we do business. With our name on the door we think it’s as important for us to work with integrity, as it is to offer the right mix of antiques, fine arts and decorator items for our clients. We strive to deal fairly on behalf of both sellers and purchasers. Throughout our history, we’ve worked to ensure this ...

du Plessis Auction Gallery was established in Sydney in the mid 60s. With seven years’ experience arranging and conducting auctions worldwide for a London- and Luxembourg-based merchant bank and its subsidiaries, Peter moved with his young family to Australia.

Among the many auctions Peter conducted at this time – one of which he is particularly proud – was the estate of Australian author May Gibbs to benefit the children’s advocate organisation UNICEF.

After a rapid expansion into all states during this time, our head office was officially relocated to Adelaide in 1972. Together Peter and his wife, Robin, launched our reputation for selling quality antiques, paintings and collectibles, while also being instrumental in producing legislative changes to most auctioneers acts across Australia. Robin also served on the committee of the Society of Auctioneers & Appraisers (SA) for much of the 1980s and presented workshops for the Real Estate Institute’s auction school.

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary, a decision was made to invest in our future and that of the Auction Industry, by moving into the most innovative and creative Auction & Exhibition space ever created in Australia. With Peter & Robin's son, Marc now running the company, du Plessis Auction Gallery has further expanded their offerings to keep up with the modern collector, whilst still keeping the quality of the auctions at a very high standard.

Latest News
27-Nov-2019 A Very Rare Event Indeed

du Plessis Auctions have once again written auction history, with their 3rd "White Glove" auction in a single year. In industry terms, a "White Glove Auction" is one in which 100% of an auction sells under the hammer. It is a very rare event, with Sotheby's which was founded in 1744, recording their 1st such event in September 2015. The contents of a fine College Park residence was auctioned by du Plessis Auctions resulting in a 100% clearance rate, and further cementing them as the premium property contents specialists.

Auctioneer, Marc du Plessis says "To be an auctioneer that conducts one white glove auction in their career is a really special milestone. This year has been a dream for me with my third in one year alone. What can I say... I had the best teacher possible, my father".

Marc has been in the family business for 33 years, and stepped up to the rostrum full-time in September 2016, to become du Plessis' principal auctioneer. Since wielding the gavel in this short period of time, he has broken auction World Records and now placed himself amongst a very elite group of auctioneers worldwide.