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Selling At Auction

We invite you to sell your items through us.

When you enter something for auction, you can be assured that it will be given the best opportunity to reach its maximum price. From detailed cataloguing, plus research if required; to presentation at the viewing and during the auction; to the knowledgeable, informative and sales-oriented talk of the auctioneer on the rostrum – you will receive a level of service that is pleasing and goes well beyond industry standards, as has always been our way.

In addition, our following of knowledgeable and informed clients throughout Australia means your items are seen by the people most likely to buy them.

These features work together with our reputation for fair dealing and our authoritative catalogues to position us as a leading firm for the selling of antique furniture and clocks, Australian paintings, Persian carpets, silver, English- European & Oriental porcelains, art glass, bronzes, jewellery and objets d’art. 

We conduct auctions of collections and complete residence contents in most Australian cities on request.

For more information on our procedures, rates and more, please phone us on (08) 8234 1804.

In matters of temporary non-liquidity and recovery, consult us, being assured of strictest confidence at all times.